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Subsurface Environmental Solutions, LLC (SES) provides services to private sector and governmental clients seeking innovative approaches to environmental liability minimization.  Through our partnering arrangements, SES provides full-service environmental consulting, while focusing on our core strength in subsurface assessment and design.

Site Assessment

3-D LNAPL Plume Visualization



Three Dimensional LNAPL Plume Visualization Created by SES

SES provides advanced site assessment services employing state of the art field technology, innovative analysis techniques, and detailed planning.  The result is a site characterization data base specifically designed to allow reliable strategic decision making and site restoration design, while meeting applicable regulatory requirements.  Assessments performed by SES include:

  • LNAPL Mobility Characterization
  • Vapor Intrusion Studies
  • Water Supply Investigations
  • Human Health Risk Characterization
  • Traditional Subsurface Soil and Groundwater Evaluations
  • Non-destructive Subsurface Assessment
  • Massachusetts Licensed Site Professional (LSP) Services

Environmental Strategy 

Environmental Strategy is the art of evaluating multiple alternatives to meet client objectives through integrated analysis of financial, technical, regulatory, legal and public relations considerations.  SES teams with appropriate professionals to develop a strategic plan for environmentally impaired properties.  Environmental strategy services provided by SES include:

  • Identifying Alternatives
  • Feasibility Evaluations
  • Present worth cost-estimating
  • Regulatory Negotiation

Site Restoration 

When remediation is required to achieve site risk goals, SES is prepared to design and manage site restoration.  The primary goals of all restoration projects are cost control and risk minimization.  SES has established relationships with highly qualified contractors capable of successfully implementing the most challenging clean-up programs.  SES staff have managed site restoration projects including:

  • Excavation/Disposal
  • Passive and Active LNAPL/DNAPL recovery
  • Dual Phase Extractions
  • Underground Storage Tank Removal
  • Air Sparging/Soil Vapor Extraction
  • In-situ Chemical Oxidation


Assessment - Creating an environmental database to support site understanding and facilitate reliable decision making.

Strategy - Selecting the optimal approach to minimize environmental liability and enhance property value.

Restoration - Implementing the optimal strategy, and returning a property to its highest and best use consistent with client goals.