Subsurface Enviromental Solutions

#6 Oil Abatement

Former Manufacturing Facility
Fitchburg, Massachusetts


#6 oil was stored in an above-ground storage tank located adjacent to a river, and across a public road from a former manufacturing facility. A small “day-tank” was used to store heated #6 oil. The #6 oil was piped underneath the public road to the plant for heating and operations. #6 oil was detected discharging to the river and through a granite block bridge abutment, indicated a leak in the #6 oil storage and transmission system.

Subsurface Environmental Solutions, LLC (SES) was retained to assist Omni Environmental Group in understanding the extent and migration pathway for the #6 oil. Existing laser-induced fluorescence (LIF) data was augmented with traditional borings, and SES modeled the lateral and vertical extent of migration and discharge locations to the river through both soil and the bridge abutment.

SES Value Added


Greg Moran
Omni Environmental Group